Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Gadget - Metal Detecting Sandals!

I always wanted to metal detect but felt kinda like a tool with a giant wand on the sand with pancake earphones. Incoming…Metal Detecting Sandals from Hammacher Schlemmer? Yahtzee!!

For 60 bucks a piece - You can set the sandals to vibrate or beep upon detection as far down as 2’. Kinda. Check out the video.


  1. Ha! Good idea. May be marketable in some retirement communities on the beach on the east coast..... nah nevermind, every retiree I've seen metal detecting are wearing velcro sneakers with tall socks. Sandals may not be too supportive for the hip. How about the metal detector dog collar?? Let the dog loose and have a chip that will save the rough coordinates of where metal detections were. Let him do the work!

  2. Welcome to the Blogworld (not sure if you had a blog before this one) Katie!! Cool layout. Hope everything is well with you :)

  3. I think I would rather be carrying the big minesweeper looking device than look like I have a convict's ankle-bracelet tracking device attached to my sandals.

    But a nice demo nonetheless!

  4. Shit cracks me up. Although I worry for your mental health if the Lucky Charms you are eating contain trace metals. Given your recent video performances, I fear it may already be too late...



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