Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Burger Meicster Cant Touch Toy Designer Jason Freeny.

Meet one of the coolest people I know – toy designer Jason Freeny. Jason and I use to work together at ESPN and he was the first person to introduce me to Qees and Toy Tokyo. Since then Jason has been creating some of the coolest toys to soon be released in the marketplace and getting some sweet press in places like Gizmodo. Jason has been a designer in various fields for many years working for a number of cool companies and working with a number of different mediums designing everything from the MTV TRL Award to Painting Disney Worlds Planet Hollywood to creating Pin Up Illustrations for Penthouse but lately he’s been messin’ with the body.

Three quick questions for Jason:

Where does your whacked out inspiration come from, seriously?
I was raised by hippies in the 70's. Nuff said.

A lot of people would think making toys would be the worlds best job is it?
Toy design is fun. I am way more interested in how the toy looks then to what it does or the target audience, so most toy companies have no interest in me :P
We know you can’t reveal your new toys but can you give a hint?
All I can say is that the all the toys in the works are based on my illustrations, so if you see something you like, it may be an actual toy in the next year or so... I can say that both the "Qee Anatomy" and "BBQee's" will be released by Toy2r in the next 12 months...

Here are just some of Jason’s pieces of work:

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