Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DEET me with are you seriousness??

I'm not sure where this post fits. It's really not entirely relevant as much as ridiculous. I'm just really starting to get annoyed with everyday 'breaking studies' and with that said; according to the University of Whatevs, mosquitoes are more likely to bite people that are less stressed out?? First off, speaking from some personal experience, mosquitoes didn't feel sorry for me on my 5k run at dusk today and bit me multiple times super mega true blood style nor do they consistently avoid me any day of the week regardless of the fact that my stress levels are at a Tom Ridge code level orange---nope they still come well equipped like a 1990's nerf aerostorm loaded with an array of yellow fever, west nile and the occas malarski. But, this isn't the Katie Show, my point in all this is are they really serious with this study?

Perhaps we should all poll a few individuals on some outrageous claim - and when it comes up with an unprecedented 100%; naturally we all become shoe ins to the headlines.

Click for Wall Street Journal Article

PS bacon and mayo sandwiches paired with kool-aid help you live longer- spread the werd.


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