Monday, January 4, 2010

37 ways to say ... it's just not working out.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And if there is one candy that is underrated it's the classic box of conversation hearts brought to us from the fine people at Necco. Taste like hot trash but yet each edible gem conveys such a powerful, nearly unreadable message.

While I respect the new age modern hearts with techie tags like "FAX ME" this year may I recommend an upgrade to Bittersweets from Despair, Inc. A box of 'Dysfunctional' or 'Dejected' hearts is the perfect compliment to that cheesy stuffed animal you picked up from Walgreens 10 minutes before your V-Day Date. Or how about a bold box of 'Dumped' to get the job done as opposed to an IM, text, or change of Facebook relationship status.

With 37 messages per tin you are bound to find some instant winners including but not limited to: PURE NAUSEA, ANNULMENT, GAME ON TV or I MISS MY EX.

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