Monday, February 8, 2010

And it was called Yelo.

When you live in NYC and have long, stressful work days sometimes a 15-minute power nap feels like hours and is beneficial to rejuvenating your productivity. But its nearly impossible to get on the subway, get home and make it back to work without killing an hour or more.

That's where Yelo comes in. Yelo is a luxury spa located near Columbus Circle in Manhattan. When you enter Yelo you are greeted with a "a warm and peaceful color scheme inspired by the robes and sash of Tibetan Monks". Yelo offers massages and facials but that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is you can pay for power naps which would make sense (I guess) if you work right by the location. This isn't your standard hostile cot nap either. For starts you can customize your sound and lighting accompanied by a zero gravity Yelo Chair.

Naps can be purchased starting at 20-minutes for $15 and up to 40-minutes for $28.

But wait, oh so many questions; what about the 20-minutes it takes for my mind to unwind - do you think I could negotiate that or does that make it a 40-minute nap? And what post-nappage beverage goodness do you have to offer me- could you make me a smoothie or provide me with a Sugar Free Red Bull? And what if I have a nightmare - that should be at least 20% off, right? Hmmm....


  1. Cool! I also use a napping app called Pzizz which generates relaxing sounds and you can set the time to gradually lull you to sleep and slowly wake you up, depending on if its a nap or a sleep.

    Each time you run the app, it creates a unique track. get some noise canceling headphones and you can nap wherever you want!

  2. This is one reason why smart companies will provide employees with a nice comfy couch.

  3. @RAWpolitiko I saw a comparable app to that the other day. Didnt realize how popular it was - was going to download- but then I got sidetracked purchasing paper boy. haha



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