Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Junk Up Your Yard...

...or Ill send robots to wreck it. Okay, this just in, I LOATHE yard junk. Nothing is more awful then inflatables, gnomes, flamingos or anything of that nature...well, maybe these dolphin mailboxes that litter the better part of Florida are worse... but anyways back to the topic at hand - lawn 'ornaments' to me are equivalent to throwing straight up trash on your front porch. And with that said, perpetual kid wins again with Gnome-Be-Gone's. Handmade art using recycled junk (probably other lawn garbage) by artist Fred Conlon. Just put these somewhere crafty ... not on the lawn!


  1. You hurt me to the bone. Without kitschy lawn ornaments, the south would die again into a dreary dust bowl.

    Sometimes people must suffer pain for the great good.

  2. Lawn Gnomes boost America's economy!



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