Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Topeka, Kansas now Google, Kansas

Back in '98 Topeka declared an official 'Topikachu' day to kick off Pokemon's invasion into the US. Today, it kicks it up a notch by renaming the entire city; 'Google'.

The stint from Topeka's mayor Bill Bunten is a PR push to snag a spot in Google's new "Fiber for Communities" program where they will be installing new Internet connections into several communities with much higher data speeds (up to 100x).

Bunten feels strongly about the addition of the Internet connections in helping boost the area attraction for both businesses and young adults.

The US is way behind in internet speeds compared to other locations around the globe - Google hopes this will be a step in the right direction.

The name change is only temporary though they are considering a permanent change to Ocho Cinco.


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  2. Made a mistake. What I mean to say was the plan to bring broadband to everyone in the country is fantastic , but I read where several over the air television stations oppose it. I can't figure out why ?

  3. Seriously, you can't figure out why? I would guess it would have something to do with the fear that people will decide to get their TV entertainment from sites like Hulu instead of their television stations. More and better broadband would make that option more feasible to more people.

  4. gesvol, that thought crossed my mind , but the main reason , according to the execs at the local tv station , is satellite broadband would need the spectrum curently used by over the air brodcasters if every home in the US is to have broadband access.

    that's something i didn't consider , favoring the hard wired connection myself.

    i was beginning to wonder if anyone actually read this blog or if it was just a source of advertising and endorsements.

    happy to get a response ! thanks



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