Sunday, April 11, 2010

Roadside Ventures - Dinosaur World- Plant City, FL.

Ever since the scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure where Simone and Pee Wee sit in the giant dinosaur – Dinosaur World in Plant City, FL became a must on my to do list. And today, I crossed that one off my list.

You cant miss Dino World – there is a giant T-Rex and Brontosaurus on the side of the highway hailing to exit – which I'm sure causes a number of wrecks.
With over 150 life sized dinosaurs, a fossil dig and a classic gift shop with dinosaur snow globes (that just seems way to ironic considering that’s a likely theory as to how the entire civilization died) – it was definitely a sight to be seen… in less than a half hour.

The trip was short lived because they didn’t have any food. I was certain they would have the Tyson dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets at the least - nope just a Pringles vending machine servicing the entire park.
After the 100th dinosaur you kinda got the point but still worth a quick visit.

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