Monday, April 19, 2010

SkyMall - Coming to an Airport Near You.

For someone that spends way too much time in airports and is sadly greeted as a regular by most TSA employees few things thrill me more traveling these days. Today, was a different day. JFK presented new goodness: a SkyMall vending machine. SkyMall is a catalog that is found in Delta airlines seat pockets sporting random gadgetry and other products like the Solafeet Foot Tanner, the Lawn Aerator Sandals or the Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent Bird Feeder. (Things you don't really need but love to look at.)

Now, I've seen Best Buy and Sephora vending machines which were great and all but nothing as random and unnecessary as this. You see, Sky Mall purchases are not something that should be in a vending machine - they are unique 'wants' that take some mulling over unlike a $1 Clark bar - hence the bazaar 'stop in my tracks moment' trying to imagine and unpuzzle the round table discussion that everyone at the company agreed it was a good idea to move forward installing vending machines.

However, it was still awesome. Especially since for no reason it had a monitor attached to the top of it looping Celine Dion.

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