Friday, May 21, 2010

Insert Coin.

Before, up up down down left right left right select start -ruled the gaming world, there was another game in charge. A yellow dot that ate fruit to be exact.

Nearly 30 years ago on May 22nd the amazing Pac-Man was born. The creator, Toru Iwatani, got the idea from his pizza (after he ate a slice) and the rest was history.

Now, before its too late visit the Google homepage to view their first interactive Doodle. You have the option to 'Insert Coin' instead of 'Feeling Lucky'. Tip*- hit the Insert Coin twice to get Mrs. Pacman on the screen!!


  1. Hey katie, first off I just discovered you today and I think you are an awesome woman. I really admire how interesting you are in technology. All the previous gfs I've dated in the past could really care less about what you are most passionate about and that's a real turn on because most guys love the big screen HD tvs and anything new and exciting that hasn't yet been invented or critiqued that is related to technology. And I love your glasses they are so sexy and I'm gettin some like that too except that are a male version of course, black frames haha. And I love the cricket awkward silcencer haha, genius! You are also very beautiful, I wouldn't mind taking you out to a nice restaurant :)
    You better not be taken! jkjk
    Keep on gadgetin' ;)
    Best luck and nice talking to you..

    PS: I'm surprised no one has commented yet on this topic. And btw, the google pacman started yesterday, the 21st of may.. Looks like they kept it another day! Toru is a genius for making that game without even using Flash! I used to webdesign and am puzzled and in awe and surprisement how it could be done in a logo! Amazing. Did you uncontrolably play it for hours? haha

  2. Haha. Yes, I think myself along with millions of others wasted a lot of time on that Pac-Man Doodle! Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice message and for reading my blog :-]



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