Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts of Gadgetry.

FLOTV- Mini units provide live TV experience on the go. Great for vacations, cooking in the kitchen or downtime waiting anywhere. $200 for unit and 6 months free service. Service is around $15 / mo. thereafter. (Just make sure to check where service is available. Couldn't get this for my mom because she is in a zero coverage area.)

Demy Touchscreen Digital Recipe Book – Store up to 2500 recipes on a sleek touchscreen device. Plus built in timers, unit converters and alternative ingredient suggestions. $199.95

FlipSlide HD - If you read my blog you know how much I love the Flip. No brainer gift for any mom or grandma. Pocket-sized, easy to operate, take vids like never before. (Stores up to 4hrs HD) And now with a built in 3" LCD screen. $279.99

One Tablespoon Deep Fryer - One of my favorites. Make 2lbs of fried goodness only using one tablespoon of oil! Promotes both eating healthy and modern cooking! $299.95

Kodak - EasyShare 10" Wireless Digital Photo Frame - digital photo frames are not exactly hot off the press but are always a good standby gift option. Perfect for older kids now away from home because via wifi you can surprise her with new pics all the time.... its the gift that keeps on giving. $179.99

*After writing these I realized a lot of these options were pretty expensive. Never underestimate the best gift ever... a handmade card. For serious.

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