Monday, June 7, 2010

Devices Are Controlling Me!!

I read this article in the Times last night and think everyone should read it. While a little extreme, I think it hits home for many of us. It's also pretty sad when you wake up and seven people have sent it to you as well.

In just the past two days alone I have tried to rewind a real-life situation via DVR, hoped I got the mystery box bullet in a cab (Mario Kart - someone understands), and fell asleep with my BlackBerry and iPad more times than I'd like to admit. I also laughed out loud when I couldn't finish the (linked) article due to lack of focus. Irony.
pic ctsy: exploding dog


  1. Ouch, well who doesnt wish they were a bullet bill every now and then? I do think it might be time to go smell the roses and disconnect, even if its for a few minutes. Even people have to hit the reset button a few times ;)

  2. It also shows how people digress. We went from a guy who didn't relate well to his family to an ex-Israeli intelligence guy who can't multitask like the rest of his World of Warcraft buddies.



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