Wednesday, July 7, 2010

App Review: Star Walk

Looking up at the stars through technology.

Star Walk is an app worth $4.99. Its basically a planetarium on your iPad. Tilt the iPad up to the sky and identify celestial bodies and constellations, if you move it will move with you tracking your location anywhere in the world. You can also go into the future or past and see where stars were aligned.

Over 88 constellations, 9,000 stars, and 32 meteor showers can be identified. The graphics are amazing and I also love the dimmed red night mode. Plus, as soon as the app starts the sounds and music will transport you.

Its like the 5th grade star lab all over again.

Catch our Sizzling Summer Apps segment on the CBS Early Show this Saturday @ 8am.


  1. This is the stuff of daydreams! : )

  2. Katie, you're the best. Are you still a Bills fan? Or did you just wear their logos on HSN.

  3. Cool blog @evologynow

    And yes of course Terry I am a die hard bills fan!! Since Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre reed, and bruuuuuce owned the NFL

  4. Jim still lives here and Thurman just moved back. Too bad the early 90's are still the best memories. Lots of fun though!!!



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