Sunday, August 15, 2010

Got an app you heart?

Is there an app you cant live without? I am showcasing one app a week for The Early Show on CBS. And while I scour magazines, blogs, and random hunts on my iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone4 (yeesh! I just realized how ridiculous that sounds!) theres nothing I love more than hearing what other people like! This week I spotlighted Lucy.

Lucy Phone
iPhone (Coming to Android and Blackberry later this Summer)

Who wants to wait on hold for customer service? So passé! Get put on hold hit ** you will be disconnected but Lucy will stay connected. Once an agent is on the phone Lucy will call you back and connect you. It will also help you find any customer service number using its directory and let you know you how long you’ve been waiting. You also can hop back on the call at anytime. Sweet.

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  1. Wow...I like that. I have an HTC Evo so I'll be waiting for it to come to the Android Market.



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