Monday, August 23, 2010

Traveling Techie

Here is a link to my latest appearance on ABC. We talk travel gadgets.

Here are a few quick tips some you will see in the segment:

Renting Car? Don’t be a sucker for the insurance – check with your credit cars because you may automatically have rental insurance with your card. Just call and ask customer service.

Orbitz- Did you know they have a 24 hour cancellation policy with no penalty? This isn’t exactly a known thing but one that has saved me a ton of times!

GPS – quick tip (per segment) – save money by bringing your GPS with you when renting cars. Yes of course most of us have a GPS in our smart phones but you may have a cool new (or even older one) with more features and a larger screen that you prefer!

Storing files in the cloud (per segment) - Don't be afraid to use cloud based storage or even create your own personal cloud with a device like the PogoPlug so you can access files anywhere. Even if you are on vacation and cant get that one file your boss needs and of course this can be a lifesaver. I recently noticed the peeps at PogoPlug also created one for business owners. Its a bit pricey but at least there is not a monthly fee and its not pink!!

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