Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi-tech Approaches to Death

File this under did you know? Hi-tech and just plain interesting approaches to death and dying.

Neptune Memorial Reef - The World's First Underwater Cemetery
A burial alternative. Three miles off the coast of Miami in 16 acres of ocean floor is the largest manmade reef of its kind - accommodated by an underwater cemetery. For burial, ashes are mixed with cement (made for underwater use) and fitted to the ocean floor by a diver. A plaque then has the individuals name, birthday and death date.
Burials range from $995 to ~$7,000

Alcor Life Extension - Cryogenically frozen isnt just science fiction vocab.
Alcor, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, was founded in 1972 and currently holds 98 cryogenically frozen patients including baseball great Ted Williams. Cryogenics is based on the idea that human life is preserved in a state that will be able to be brought back by future medicine.

Vinyly- Press your ashes into a vinyl record.
The track selection is up to you: personal message, playlist, last will, creepy cracks and pops. There is even an option to have your records distributed through 'reputable vinyl stores worldwide'. *Side note- having just gotten into vintage records, I would really hate to purchase some Tom Petty and accidentally get someones last will and testament. Prices starting at $3,000.

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