Friday, September 3, 2010

Social Media - Ways to Capitalize

Recently, I had the chance to give individuals social media makeovers which will air on CNN Saturday, September 4th at 330pm. This was interesting for me - as a techie sometimes you have to step back and realize not EVERYONE is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. But should they be?

In short, for businesses and individuals that are looking for networking opportunities it is an absolute must. You have to stay ahead of trends and utilize FREE opportunities any way you can to both promote and interact.

I want to share with you two examples I thought were relevant:

1.) I am a heavy purchaser on and often organically use a lot of their products on-air. With that said the other day my LED umbrella broke. I was not happy. I called ThinkGeek and received fabulous customer service. I immediately tweeted about it and received instant feedback from their Twitter account @thinkgeek. I was impressed. Case in point. Twitter gives you instant connectivity and feedback with your customers for FREE. It gives you ways to change and make a good impression or just say "Hey, we're listening." which is valuable to customer retention.

2.) In our CNN social media makeover we met with a very talented actress. This is a perfect example of someone who spends thousands of dollars on headshots and marketing tools (trust me I've been there) when she could be using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to promote herself for FREE. She admitted she has lost out on a lot of opportunities both personally and professionally and was willing to give social networking a shot.

Again, with trends ever changing its important to adapt. You always want to be one step ahead. But it is also equally important to approach these platforms carefully and understand them before making the leap. For more on this topic catch our piece Saturday CNN, 330PM EST.

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