Saturday, October 2, 2010

An App a Day Keeps...

Funny Call, FREE (for 30 minutes)
Call anyone and change your voice to an array of sweet sound effects including: creepy or chipmunk. Or to really drive them crazy there is an echo or an auto-tune option to make you sound like T-Pain. And for the really extreme 'make them think they are going nuts' go with Loop that repeats every thing you say over and over again. You can buy a 30 minute package for $4.99.

Tilt Shift, 1.99


Talk about trick photography - create the illusion that the picture you just took is a miniature model scene!

Relax Melodies, FREE (33 sounds) upgrade to 70 sounds for $3.99

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

I'm obsessed with this on my iPad - I put it on a timer and fall asleep to my own custom thunderstorm and wave creation. You can choose from a variety of relaxing tones from underwater to rain to butterfly or even flute. Create and layer melodies and set timers.

Ringtone Designer Pro, $0.99

iPhone4, iPod Touch

I like to create my own ringtones with iTunes (here is a good tutorial if interested) - but it may be too techie for some - this app is a really easy solution. It allows you to pick any song in your music library and pull a short clip for a ringtone of your choice.

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