Friday, October 1, 2010

October = random.

It's fall - do you know what that means? It's time to bust out those winter sweaters.

Here are some of my new favorite randoms, the extras, if you will to start out a fabulous month.

R2-D2 (Special Edition Droid 2)
Star Wars fans rejoice at the new R2-D2 phone. However, I just cant mess with changing out my main device for the awesomely geeky hardware. Although I appreciate the incorporation of the extras it has to offer like the R2-D2 soundboard that includes sounds effects from the "Happy Agreement" and "Impatient Whine". Hilarity. Verdict= buy a $15 skin without any sort of commitment. But do check out the killer website for free.

Yumbot Cupcake Molds
Love! Silicone robot molds go right in the oven and come out with a seriously geeky treat. Each robot has a rotating head ... bonus!

Ballpark Gum
Another win for Gum tastes like hotdogs, beer and peanuts. What about Dippin' Dots for dessert? You know, the ice cream of the future.

Contigo Sport Bottle Safe
Genius! Cuts out the locker. File this under 'why didn't I think of that'. Though I would love a self-filtering version.

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