Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Gifts of Gadgetry

We taped this CBS segment (my favorite of all time!) and it looks like it wont make air :( I thought it would be fun to post anyways and share some of my favorite quirky gifts of the season for under $50. And while I know its way late for Christmas these ideas are really good all year!

Also, if you don't get to sleep in Christmas am - I'll be sharing some holiday tech tips and favorite Christmas apps on The Early Show. :) Seasons greetings and thank you as always for stopping by!

Just Because

Skitterbots, $19.99

Toys R Us, RadioShack

The best little present under $20. Its charged via USB and controlled with a tiny remote. It also runs at one foot per second and is touted as the fastest commercially available legged micro-robot. Kids love and so do cats.

Onion Decoy Boxes, $7

Nothing says "I kind of like you" like a bottle of Homeland Security Cologne and a Visor Organizer. Really fool a loved one with these funny boxes from USB Toaster to Underwater Cell Phone Case.

Food Tech

Marshmallow Blaster; $28

If the holidays make you want to launch miscellaneous objects at your loved ones, the Marshmallow Blaster is a relatively harmless but entirely satisfying option. Great for campaigns of office redemption and sure to be the favorite gift in any Secret Santa scenario. Shoots both large and small marshmallows!

Mini USB beverage cooler, $20

Make your desk look cool and keep your beverage cool simultaneously. 4’ of cable give you plenty of room for this new desk addition.

Mini Donut Factory, $20

Popularity is only twenty bucks away. The Mini Donut Factory works like a waffle maker. Create your own custom donuts in 4 minutes that are guilt free as they are baked not fried.

Designer Tech

Pick Punch, $25

For the ultimate musician. He or she might already have a guitar but this mini gadget gives them the capability to make a guitar pick out of anything. I recommend using old gift cards!

GelaskinsMacStyles, Starting at $3

A way to personalize everything from a laptop to an mp3 player to a cell phone. Choose from thousands of designs or create your own.

E-reader cases

Nook cases - starting at $30

Diane Von Furstenberg Cases - starting at $85

Once again e-readers are going to be hot holiday sellers. And while many already have one they love and use daily, they probably don’t have a cool way to tote it around. Totes pick up one of these options.

Tech Accessories

Flip out keyboard, $45

Anyone with an iPhone is envious of the BlackBerry keyboard. Now, you can have it all with this flip out keyboard made for iPhone 3rd and 4th generations.

Sony Wireless Headphones MDR-RF925RK, $80

Get rid of the wires! These wireless headphones work 150 feet from the source. A great option for the ultimate music lover, commuter, student or adult.

Urbanears Tanto Headphones, $40 - $45

For the hard to buy hipster. These come in 14 different colors and even a mystery multi-color option where the colors are randomly selected for you (white mystery airhead style)!

Nano wrist watch, $25

Already have an iPod Nano? Integrate fashion and tech (and the early 90’s) with this slap bracelet Nano wristwatch.

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