Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tech the Halls - with Z104.3

Can we get a little Jackson Blue up in here?

Tuesday on Z104.3 we'll be talkin' top holiday gadgets. Here are a few of my top picks!

iPad, starting at $499
Hands down the top holiday gadget and tablet to beat in the marketplace. Portable entertainment unit, perfect for music, web, email and of course the largest marketplace of apps!

Samsung Galaxy Tab, pricing varies by carrier
Better known as the best competition to the iPad the Galaxy Tab is 3” smaller in size, has a front facing and rear facing camera with capability to video conference and not to mention a fast processor. Its definitely more portable than an iPad the only downside is the lack of Apps in the Android marketplace.

Kinect for Xbox 360, $145 (with already owned 360)
The Xbox Kinect is a highly immersive experience. By adding the Kinect peripheral on your already purchased 360, your entire body is tracked with a camera sensor (no remote required). Wave your hand in front of the screen to activate. You can also team up with a friend and white water raft with games like Kinect Adventures or even hit up Dance Central, an upgraded DDR dance version where you can jam out to the likes of Lady Gaga and PitBull. At first you think wow, Xbox waited way too long to match the Wii then you realize they have completely upstaged them.

PICK #3: FOR THE COOK (who has everything)
Mini donut factory, $20
Popularity is only twenty bucks away. The Mini Donut Factory works like a waffle maker. Create your own custom donuts in 4 minutes that are guilt free as they are baked not fried.

Pick Punch, $24.95
video here
For the ultimate musician. He or she might already have a guitar but this mini gadget gives them the capability to make a guitar pick out of anything.


Actifry One Tablespoon Deep Fryer, $299.95
Perfect for the holidays. A great way to make food that actually tastes good but is also deep fried. One tablespoon of oil frys 2lbs of food.

Prank Pack
, $8.00 a piece
Take advantage of these fake gifting boxes options include:
  • Beer Beard; hide a 72oz beer dispenser in a beard
  • Family Blankeez; The family blanket unit that covers up to 8 people
  • Motorized Rolling Pin; for the lazy chef
Onion Decoy Boxes, $7
Nothing says "I kind of like you" like a bottle of Homeland Security Cologne and a Visor Organizer. Really fool a loved one with these funny boxes from UBS Toaster to Underwater Cell Phone Case.

Flip out keyboard, $45
Anyone with an iPhone is envious of the BlackBerry keyboard. Now, you can have it all with this flip out keyboard made for iPhone 3rd and 4th generations.

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