Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CES Recap - Get Your Grey Label On

CES was amazing to say the least – not for a second do I take for granted the chance to attend the largest Nerd Showcase.

I had the opportunity to take the stage in my new role as a Polaroid Spokesperson and it was so exciting! I got to help unveil our new lineup for 2011 and chat back with some incredibly talented photographers. Here are some deets I thought might be of interest.

First, the products. With Lady Gaga as our Creative Director it was exciting to unveil our new Grey Label Line a true collaboration with Gaga, Haus of Gaga and Polaroid. The line is sleek and future forward but also pairs with the ideals of Polaroid’s simple, instant and fun. It was also cool to test em before unveil. We launched three new products:

Grey Label Digital Instant Camera – Instant fun meets digital! The instant camera has a sweet Bellows look and feel and allows you to choose which photos you want to print out – due out Holiday 2011.

Grey Label Sunglasses – One of the most buzzed products at CES the Grey Label Sunglasses boast a built in 5MP camera that allows you to take and share photos instantly via two OLED screens (one in each frame). You can play video and photo and even run a slideshow mode.

Grey Label Instant Mobile Printer – An instant mobile printer that prints out 3x4 photos in less than 50 seconds with ZINK (zero ink) technology- in other words - yay no more buying ink - billions of crystals are right inside the paper! And PS the unit is lightweight at 15oz.

The anticipation and frenzy before Gaga’s appearance was insane and it was equally matched in buzz on the products throughout CES.

I had the chance to do a ton of demos on-stage which to me is the most thrilling. I don’t use a script or prompter – which I find easy because if you believe in product and a brand its naturally easy to talk about.

I also had the opportunity to introduce and Q&A with world renown photographers. I wanted to give you their web links because they are worth checking out too!

Tim Tadder – known for his amazing dramatization process in post production. He has photographed everyone from Derek Jeter to Maria Sharapova to George W. Bush and worked with clients like Adidas, Bud Light to Sears to McDonalds.

Chase Jarvis – world renown photographer and director on the client side working with major brands from Apple to Starbucks to Red Bull to Nike. He is also the most followed photography blogger and in the 0.0006 percentile of those retweeted – meaning people really like what he says.

Sean Brackbill – a NY based edgy shooter who has tackled events like NY Fashion Week and British style magazine Dazed and Confused.

Jim McHugh – known for shooting celebs and also common things in uncommon ways. Jim is an original contributing photographer to People Magazine, contributor to Architectural Digest Magazine and multi- year photographer of the Grammys. Jim has shot everyone from Matthew McConaughey to the Olsen Twins to Samuel L. Jackson to Michael Jackson's glove (seriously) – and he has the best stories! One I must share....He went on to tell the story of shooting Michael's glove from years ago. It was delivered in a large case by huge body guards and those on set were not allowed to use their phones (a very secret operation!)– after they were done shooting (the glove) they called Michael and said “We have the glove its on its way”.

All of the photographers had a journey in some way shape or form with Polaroid - which was authentically cool to hear about.

I'll be blogging more about the products as we get ready for retail launch - but in the mean time stay tuned!!

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