Monday, January 10, 2011

Is it me?

iPad check, iPod touch check, iPhone check, Vyne + Assero Protector... definitely no check.

Are these gadgets for real and or do you really have to pay for them? Trust me- I very much embrace any time I get to feel like a tool but these two really just take it to the next level. I might have to put these up there with the cell phone that tells you your cell phone is ringing which I had the luxury of seeing at CES.

Vyne - Price TBD
Assero Protector - Available for preorder $89.99


  1. Nothing says fashion quite like a touchpad case strapped to your chest!

  2. Yeah, they should go back to the drawing board on this one... perhaps re-design it so that it enables smartphone use for the handicapped.

  3. You know, now that I think about it, it sure seems like the Assero Protector with an iPad is just version 1 of Dr. Theopolis :-).



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