Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February For The Win!

Here are some gadgets to start the month off right!

Visualizer Umbrella
At first I thought this looked ridiculous then I realized it was totally practical. Although it still doesn't beat my LED Lumadot umbrella.

Playschool Triceratops, $349.99
Amazing!! This upstages Big Wheels by like 10 fold. Imagine when someone calls and they ask what your kid is up to... "Oh he's just riding his triceratops."
Over 3' tall and comes with sound and motion.

Photoshop Wall Art, $69.99
Get your Adobe on.
Size is 6.7" x 31.5" x 0.6"

Yeti Microphone, $50 (Flip mic option coming out early 2011)
A great, portable way to enhance sound quality on your iPod or Flip.

And just because...


  1. Nice shout-out to your lumadot. Any chance of that visualizer umbrella getting a make-over to look like one of the ghosts from Pac-Man?

  2. haha, that would be sweet! the lumadot is in action today, i love it



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