Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Forget "Keeping up with the Joneses"

Dear Hammacher Schlemmer,

Today, you deserve your very own post. The myriad of gadgets you continue to offer really showcases what you can bring to the table; a mixture of both practicality and ridiculousness.

And with that said here are some of my new and old favorites that I one day dream of buying for my family. Forget the rental moonbounce thing, pony rides at birthday parties and lame 1980s trampolines - my kids will obnoxiously own these gems- for pure funs. Because when the neighbors roll by in luxury cars we'll say "we dont need that we have a Dragon Paddle Boat and a Light Cycle". can dream.

Tron Light Cycle, $55k
Custom built - street legal Tron Light Cycle. Perfect for every family member and the local 4th of July parades.

9 1/2 foot remote controlled bald eagle, $500
Kites are out.

The Amusement Park Dragon Boat, $5,000
Paddle your way to carney joy.

The Ten Person Water Totter, $4,000

The Two Person 60mph Hovercraft, $17k

The Personal Submarine
, $2 million
This has panic attack and stuck written all over it, but still sounds like fun.

and for the deal of the day...

The Motorized Oasis.... only $200?!
This six person 2mph "oasis" has a built in cooler, waterproof speakers and aux out. And, they knocked it down $300. I honestly might just buy this right now.


  1. Aww, why couldn't they have made a bat instead of a bald eagle?

  2. OMG a hovercraft. Thats so dope, I want one today. Katie will you be my co-pilot and make sure we don't crash while doing 60mph? Now I just need to collect some returns from investments I made with this Bernie guy...

  3. Your favorite site, ThinkGeek, just came out with the Tron Wall Crawling R/C Light Cycle for those who cannot keep up with the Joneses.

  4. The bald eagle choice is ridiculii - plural for ridiculous!!

    Budda - if I am your co-pilot there is a better chance of us crashing. I am prone to wrecking uncommon means of transportation ... long story...lulz.

    Good find on that Light Cycle!!



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