Thursday, February 17, 2011

O for Offbeat.

Bacon, Pickle and Cupcake Toothpaste, $4.50
I'm definitely obsessed with that minty fresh toothpaste feeling. But hey, I guess some people like the idea of mixing it up a bit.

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Slide to Unlock Car Magnet, $6.99
Kinda ghetto, kinda awesome.
This is right on par with recently seeing a RT sign on the highway (right turn) and thinking it meant Retweet. Yeesh.

Worms in Dirt!, $14.99
Yes! This is one of my favorite childhood treats. And since I have zero culinary skills the fine peeps at Perpetual Kid have made an inexpensive kit!

MAC Wonder Woman Collection, prices vary.
A must for any chic geeks glam kit! - I had a sneak peek at these a few weeks ago and they are awesome... and now on avails at retail.

There's also some exclusive gear like a Wonder Woman tee and tote can be found online.

And last but certainly not least my good friend Jason Freeny has been hard at work! Here are some of his new creations including the most convoluted brain (Rubik's cube) ever...all about anatomy style!

And just because...

ctsy: @teluric


  1. Katie,

    Not sure how much this has to do with technology, but great job on CNN last night.

    You are hot =)


  2. haha, thank you for your message. sorry for delay in response!

  3. I just watched the CNN broadcast and you were vercy concise and informative. I will put your web page on my favorites. Good Job.

  4. Hey thanks Michael- really appreciate that message!



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