Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In hands iPad 2!

Happiness in my hands – the iPad 2! You’ll have to wait for my full presentation tomorrow on CBS The Early Show to see it in action (one day before it hits retail)…but my excitement level is making it necessary to give you sneak peak right here and now after having it for a few days hands on!

First, lets be honest. There aren’t a TON of crazy hardcore upgrades but there's a slew of what I'll refer to as completely worthwhile bonus improvements, and you can enjoy them for the same price as the version 1.0. Clearly, competitors were dying on the pricepoint reveal.

Lighter, faster.
And you can feel it, even though it's only down from 1.5 to 1.3 lbs. Processor speed is also improved with dual core. (I put it through a series of speed tests).

I am loving the iMovie and Garage Band apps. I’ve created a quick mini movie I’ll be showcasing tomorrow on-air. It's awesome to be able to create fast decent material and upload it to YouTube, Email, Facebook, etc. As someone that has worked behind the scenes for many years with ESPN, I can appreciate this kind of evolution in software. I can recall working “tape to tape” and honestly in a jam you could now use this as a backup on location.

I've been reading a lot of reviews on poor camera quality. Honestly, I can’t complain. It’s a tablet not a DSLR. (And for this I refer you to my previous blog Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy). I think both (front and rear facing) are decent quality for what they will be used for and the web chatting footprint is just right - better than a laptop or mobile device (which I rarely use because I think it can be awkward).

It's a little weird to be taking videos and pictures with a tablet (I truly hope this doesn’t ruin concerts) but it's very cool to have the capability.

If you've been torn on the purchase - my advice - make the move. It's amaze.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow am on The Early Show on CBS!


  1. "a series of speed tests" = Angry Birds on steroids

  2. I highly recommend the new garage band iPad app. I'm no musician by any definition, but it's loads of fun and only $5 :P

  3. First off, I just saw your review on CNN. Very good nutshell review! That said, I have a question:

    How is FaceTime on the iPad 2? I'm going to upgrade tomorrow, but I've been a bit concerned that "VGA" is the only listed resolution spec for the front-facing camera, which is typically 640x480, and doesn't seem like it would look all that great on a screen that big.

  4. Love the garage band app too!

    Sammael - FaceTime is great quality for what it is... I dont think you'll be disappointed. I completely understand VGA is very deterring - def not a dealbreaker in person.

  5. What did you mean when you said "pre-sale orders are strong"? Where can one pre-sale order it?

  6. Hi @Happy - not sure which segmnet you are referring to but... I do recommended you pre-order it on instead of stand in some sort of Splash Mountain line debacle. Also maybe it was in referencing has nearly 10k trade ins already indicating strong demand

  7. Can you sell me an ipad 2 for 150.00 dollars cause I need that.



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