Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peculiar Products for Wednesday Funs

This post was made to spice up your mid-week and all finds are courtesy of the one and only David DeSilva otherwise known as @teluric.

Steak Saws
For those hard to cut steaks, simply saw your way through.

Lumen Lamp
This is one of the coolest little oil lamps ever - casts a huge shadow on any wall. Comes in a variety of shapes and is perfect for gifting.

Marvel Romance Lamps
Shades ~$29 with full lamp (with stand) $60-$80
Purchase your own lamp-in-a-box with your favorite comic as a cover.
You can also design your own!

Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt
Really -these are back? Kids use to have HyperColor T-shirts in grade school with sweat stains bulls eyed - totally gross.

Glow in the Dark Kryptonite Candy
Courtesy of TechnaBob - you too can make your own glowing candy - level up on bringing the dessert!

Rabbit Salad Ears
Just in time for Easter!

Labyrinth Worm
Could not be any weirder, kids will embrace.

and for a laugh....

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