Friday, April 29, 2011

Vending Machine Wars!

Courtesy of Mashable I am totally loving staying up to date with these soda (pop, call it what you want) wars between Pepsi and Coke!

Keeping you in the loop - Coke has previously unveiled the following:

The Friendship Machine - in which you need a friendly boost to get to the 12ft machine.

Happiness Machine and Happiness Truck- dispensing all sorts of random goodness like pizzas and flowers alongside frosty beverages.

And of course not be one-upped Pepsi recently unveiled Social Vending allowing you to text a free beverage to your friend or a stranger providing them with a code that can be redeemed at the vending machine.

The videos are very well done right down to the music and hopefully they will make you smile too!

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  1. VendoNet Inc. is first. The others are fooling America, they are stilling from a small company who actually hold the Patent on the technology.



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