Saturday, May 21, 2011

ReCommerce - CNN

As discussed on CNN Saturday here are several online and retail sites that have programs set up for cashing in your gadgets. 

And here is the link to the vid.

AMAZON.COM - trade in for credit                
GAZELLE.COM - most popular site has 22 categories & in many cases pays top dollar
ECOSQUID.COM - kind of like the Orbitz/Expedia of reselling sites
NEXTWORTH.COM - partners with Target
FLIPSWAP.COM - tailored specifically for phones
RECELLULAR.COM - tailored specifically for cashing in phones or donating to a good cause; also a great site for telling you how to clear your phone data no matter what the model

BEST BUY – Trade in gadgets for a Best Buy giftcard (or check of lesser value) in over 20 categories.  Best Buy also now offers a buy back program that you can purchase at the check out when you buy a new gadget.  If you return the item in X amount of months you can get cash back.  Though in many calculations you would be better off trading online. 
TARGET – Over 850 Target locations now offering in store trade ins – get a Target gift card.
RADIO SHACK – Locations offer instant Radio Shack credit on trade ins.

Obviously you want to have the device in the best working condition possible.  Also, you should think twice about personalizing anything; ex. engraving it or putting stickers on it.  "Engraving an iPod or an iPad could drop the trade-in price by as much as 20-30%", said Gazelle's Director of Marketing Kristina Kennedy.  Also use a screen protector and case where possible.  And keep all the cables, manuals, and anything else that comes with including the box (if you have the space).  It will add value at trade-in.

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