Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3DS Owners - Get Your Excitebike!

It is the best thing to happen to the 3DS yet... or since I opened my 3DS at a bar at 1am checking for a Street Pass only to see my friends really confused faces.

The awaited 3DS firmware update brings the following:
  • eShop - new content and games (and soon more vintage games) available for download; new content to be added every Thursday
  • previously downloaded DSi games can now be transferred
  • Internet browser (allowing for browsing some sites in 3D)
  • Pokedex 3D - app that lets you see Pokemon characters in 3D (it's kinda just gimmicky cool)
  • and... wait for it... a FREE download of 3D Excitebike?!  Holy crap I just overheated and was forced to pull over.  (Someone will appreciate that joke) I just finished downloading and it's pretty nostalgic amaze.  Same music, medal stand and capability to design your own course. Who wants to challenge me??
All we need now is some Rad Racer --- because that had 3D capabilities way before its time (via the select button!)
    **For 3DS owners download the update over wi-fi: System Settings > Other Settings > System Update (4th tab)

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