Saturday, June 11, 2011

Father's Day Gadgets - CNN

Here are a few of my Father's Day picks as showcased on CNN this am.  More dad's day gadgets to come including what I got my dad!

Lark –$129,
Did you know 38% of people in relationships experience high tension because of their partner’s sleep habits, with the biggest complaints being snoring and alarm clocks.  Lark is a silent "un-alarm clock" that is worn as a wristband and syncs to your phone.  It is designed by a Harvard sleep expert and professional sports sleep coach who trains NFL, NBA and NHL athletes.  It provides a silent and natural wake up, and coaches you to improve your sleep and to enhance your awake time and not wake up your partner! 

Pong –prices vary $30-$50,
With the latest news on cell radiation who wants to even take a chance?  Pong is a cell phone case made for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone and is allegedly the only solution proven by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified laboratories to protect users from cell phone radiation while not compromising phone performance.

Coffee Cup Power Inverter –$30,
Power three devices on the go while the cup naturally fits into your cars cup holder. Great for charging portable gaming consoles, cell phones or other electronics.

Keurig –prices vary
The Keurig Brewing machines have been out for a while but now there are more flavor choices than ever.  There are over 200 little K-cups to choose from that create a personalized one -off  bev of choice. Dad can make everyone something different from Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee Coffee to Celestial Sweet Iced Tea to specialty drinks from organic coffees to hot chocolate or apple cider.

Dad can lounge around the house in style.  No one will discount his authority with this terrycloth robe.

It displays department insignia on left breast and rank is noted on the sleeve -  and if you really want to man up get him the USS enterprise pizza cutter its an officially licensed Star Trek collectible. 

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