Monday, June 13, 2011

Fathers Day Gifts of Gadgetry - Z104.3

Its time for some Z104.3 action with one of my faves @jacksonblue. If you caught or missed our Father's Day segment here are the gadgets we discussed plus a bunch more!  Some of these were my fave CNN picks this past weekend too :) 

Please give your dad a gift of an upgrade this year, he deserves it!

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Jambox, $199
I put this gadget on the back-burner for months because I already have a ton of speaker that serve as my go-tos.  It wasn’t until recently I realized the awesomeness of it.

What looks like a giant Lego its actually a stylish powerful speaker.  So here's the deal you can plug in your devices like your laptop, tablet.  But you can also sync wirelessly to it using Bluetooth. And have your tunes anywhere you go room to room or somewhere like the beach.  And since it has Bluetooth capabilities it can also pair to your phone.  So you can use this as a speakerphone for home or office.   

Keurig, prices vary,  $80-$250, (Kohls, Target)
The Keurig Brewing machines have been out for a while but now there are more choices than ever.  Even for the ultimate beverage snob there are over 200 choices of K-cups that you pop in to the machine allowing for each person to get a customized drink!  Choose from Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee Coffee to Celestial Sweet Iced Tea to specialty drinks from organic coffees to hot chocolate or apple cider.

Lark –$129
Did you know 38% of people in relationships experience high tension because of their partner’s sleep habits, with the biggest complaints being snoring and alarm clocks.  Lark is a silent "un-alarm clock" that is worn as a wristband and syncs to your phone.  It nudges you awake naturally and will also analyze your sleep patterns and tell you when you are waking up in the middle of the night.  It is designed by a Harvard sleep expert and professional sports sleep coach who trains NFL, NBA and NHL athletes. 

iPhone Cover and Bottle Opener, $25, (available for iPhone3 and 4 models)
Creative yet durable and effective.  Stainless steel bottle opener helps dad open the beverage of choice while also protecting one of his favorite devices.  Also pair it with the free app that counts the tops you pop with sound effects.

Pong, prices vary $30-$50
With the latest news on cell radiation who wants to even take a chance?  Pong is cell phone case made for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone that is the only solution proven by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified laboratories to protect users from cell phone radiation while not compromising phone performance.

Power three devices on the go while the cup naturally fits into your cars cup holder. Great for charging portable gaming consoles, cell phones or other electronics.

Spokey Dokes just got an upgrade.  Easily install these LED lights on your bike wheel and create a scene while also staying safe! Two light modes; flashing and constant.  Amber or Blue color choices.  

Rock-It, $55
Turn anything in to a speaker.  Super small and portable perfect for the beach our outdoor gathering.  Once you stick the speaker on to any object it turns it in to a vibrating loud speaker.  Stick it to a surfboard, snack box, cooler, you name it for serious jamming out.

Cruizin Cooler, $349-$1,399
Cooler that fits up to 24 cans and goes at speeds up to 13mph.  Comes in a number of different colors can get customized rims, gas and electric models, trailer hitches available so you can tow your dog.

One of my must have gadgets.  The S5 allows you to stream music anywhere In your home using wireless technology.  Easy set up and rich audio experience.  Plus, not only can you create playlists off your music library but you can also tap in to over 100,000 Internet radio stations nationwide.  Also control your Sonos with your portable devices from your laptop to your smartphone.

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