Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gadget of the Week - iCADE.

The awesome part about my job is gadget testing, lots and lots of gadget testing....though the FedEx and UPS people must hate me. 

Here is a fave of mine this week... the iCADE.  It started as an April Fool's joke on ThinkGeek but now is a full fledged product and an awesome decor piece.

It took about 25 minutes to set up (comes with a few screws, allen wrench, nothing crazy).  It feels pretty durable and love the $0.25 coin slot that lights up. 

You pair the device to your iPad via Bluetooth entering a code with the joystick and buttons.  You can download 100 Atari Classics for $15 or they come in four packs for $0.99 in the App store.   

I've been playing Pong and Centipede for a half hour and now... I think it's time to get back to real work. 


  1. AWESOME! I *MUST* HAVE ONE!! Sending subtle hint e-mails to family/friends as soon as I'm done posting this comment, as my birthday's coming up in just a few weeks!!! ;-)

  2. Who says Centipede isn't real work?

  3. I know *I* managed to work up a sweat trying to save my cities in "Missile Command" [too]many years ago, so I think that should qualify as work, too! ;-)

  4. I always like to try to justify any sort of gaming as work. Even at about 3am on Bejeweled I allow myself the next level because its for "work".

    Tim, this is right up your alley if just for decoration!



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