Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Go Go Rando Gadgets!

A few things to make you smile on Wednesday courtesy of myself and @teluric. 

R2D2 Operation, $27
Family game night levels up this fall!

Cameral Lens Mug, $12
Who needs the lytro? This mug installed with caffeine will keep you focused.  (Okay horrible joke but it was a softball.)

Robomower, $1,999.99 - $2,799.99
Weighing in at 39 and 83lb models the Robomower is a set it and forget it approach in the heavyweight category.  Notable features include a one or three blade mulching system, base station for charging and storage, alarm system and rain sensors.

DIY Giant Sequoia, wait what? 
In New York when someone gets you something you immediately are not excited about the gift but rather start thinking about where you are going to put it given the premium on space in apartments.  Well, enter the gift of a Giant Sequoia for a mere $9. 

Nyan Cat Earrings, $12

SuperHero Chucks
Wonderwoman and Catwoman Chucks = chic geek FTW!
We've previously filled you in on Mario chucks now these gems!  Now superheroes from Batman to Green Lantern are also avails.

And some pics for pure funs...

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