Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Candlelighters NYC - Meet Brooke!

No matter how busy, find time for the important things in life.

Meet my new friend Brooke.  Brooke is 4 years old.  She loves pink, cats, ponies and dinosaurs. And, she is quite the character!!  I had the honor of a surprise visit today. I gave her a monster and she said it casted a heart spell on me!  She also said it had "polka-dot power"!

As you can see Brooke is quite the charmer but her story is not that of a typical four year old.  At the age of the three a sonogram, nuclear scans, MRI/MRU and other tests revealed a large tumor in her abdomen pressing on her left kidney, spine, and internal organs. Her diagnosis is stage 4, high risk neuroblastoma, which is a form of cancer that has also spread to her bone marrow.  In short, Brooke has a long battle ahead.

Brooke's family spends many days away from their Texas home to come to New York City's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York for the surgery of the mass and to battle the bone marrow cancer.

I know we are all busy but I encourage you to learn more about Brooke here.  I also encourage you to learn more about the fabulous people at Candlelighters that try to sprinkle as much happiness on her and her family when she is in town and also away. 

My experience with Candlelighters is one of the few things that can stop me right in my tracks.  It makes me realize how precious life is and how every day is a blessing. 


  1. Thanks for all of your support Katie. It means everything to our families.

    Aaron Horn
    IT Manager
    Becker Underwood

    Better known as: Eli's Dad

  2. that's awesome Katie! you guys are lucky to have each other. I hope you can bring her some cheer!

  3. Most people have no idea what it is like to have a child with a medical challenge. Many of the families carry the burden alone wishing someone would reach out to help, even if only for emotional support. I applaud you for reaching out to this little girl. I am sure her family greatly appreciates it.

    Thank you for taking the time to be there for Brooke and her family.

    Kris Reese

  4. As one of the MANY Texans praying for Brooke, thank you for spotlighting Brooke and, more importantly, the wonderful work Candlelighters are doing for families like theirs.

  5. How amazing you are! Another Texas gal, praying for Miss Brooke. :)


  6. Brooke looks like a pretty awesome little lady :)



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