Friday, August 12, 2011

ETCs For Your Enjoyment

Fun gadgets with select picks from the amaze @teluric.  You should follow him on Twitter because he is hi-lar. 

Emergency Affirmation Button, $12
Be reassured that "you are awesome!" on a bad day.

R2-D2 Sweater
For just $450 you can have this homemade work of art, wait what?!

Suspicious Package Wrapping Paper, $5
The easiest way to get jump assaulted by NYPD.  Also not worth trying in an airport.

Blik %$#@? Wall Graphics
Oh Blik, just when I thought I couldn't heart you more you drum up these insane wall graphix to creep people out. Blik has previously supplied me the Super Mario decals of which I've reused 3x now in moves (good for application reuse). If you haven't shopped Blik before I highly recommend having a peak!

Candwich Canned Sandwich, $5
I was doing just fine with Uncrustables but now enter this gem.  A canned Peanut Butter and Jelly that touts a one year shelf-life and no need for refrigeration!  Includes; white bread, 1oz jelly, 1oz peanut butter and a candy surprise! 

Hand Soap, $8
I love this for a weird gift.  As a matter of fact I'm going to stock up for all those days people tell you it's your birthday and you say "Happy Birthday" but you're really secretly saying to yourself "Okay umm Happy Birthday thanks for making this situation awkward because I don't have anything for you."

We're #1 Foam Finger, $12.99
Us geeks can like sports too!
And my favorite new time burglary... shopping... for a private island.
Search by price range starting at under 250k.  There are some steals on here for $30,000! Some have homes already built on the island and are wired with electricity - others are just a completely barren waiting for your creativity to run wild!

And last but not least some pics for fun!

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