Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Give Me Quirky Stuff or Give Me ....

The turducken of beef jerky. Low in fat, high in protein we're talkin' a hybrid potato chip/beef/pepper seasoning mashup.  In the words of Charlie Bucket, "more please."

Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Work Shirt, $186
This work shirt is equipped with fans powered off two AAs and is created by a company that has previous cooling experience in things such as seat cushions, mats and beds.  I want to buy this for every guy I go on a date with and looks like there are sweat stains pouring off him because of the sweltering NYC heat.  I feel bad.

App Creeper, $13
New rents will xo this baby onesie from ThinkGeek.

Super Catnip Spray, $11
A must have for any cat owner.  Spray this on toys or scratching posts.  Also pairs well with Cosmic Catnip Bubbles - but friendly reminder again, per previous post and personal experience do not let Cosmic Catnip Bubbles accidentally pop in your eye.  It does not end well.

iRestore Hair Gadget, $599
It's like Latisse for men.   Hands free hair laser treatment that "combats hair loss".  This has dice roll written all over it.  I hope the guy in this picture is earning a lot of residuals.

R2-D2 Floating Pool Chair, $9
R2-D2 Ice Cube Trays, $10
Still time to use while cooling off this summer.  I missed these in my previous R2-D2 round-up!

Portable Hand Shock Prank, $6
Described as "not a toy" the handshake buzzer is so 1980's -- but lets bring it back!

The 7 1/2 foot Slumber Bear ($600) or the 4 ft Heirloom Dragon ($1000)
Whats up with kids toys these days?  If I got an ice cream cake for my birthday party when I was little I was in my own heaven.  Now, you have to get a them a toy dragon -- how do these things even ship??

Big Foot Garden Yeti, $115
Nothing says awesome like junking up the yard and depreciating the neighborhood value quite like a yard Yeti. Must have.

And for funs... #MustREAD.

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