Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trend Benders - CBS Early Show

This morning on CBS we discussed this weeks trends in social media and I wanted to share one story from the segment.  It speaks to my forever preach of "If you don't want the world to see it, don't post it online!"

Starbucks Barista –Fired

This just in. If you don’t like your job DON'T make a song about how much you hate it and put it on YouTube.

Twenty-five-year-old Christopher Cristwell, a California Starbucks barista expressed himself in his own crafty song wearing only a Starbucks apron and posted it to YouTube.  While he posted it in July – apparently Starbucks only recently got wind of it through the website.  Say goodbye to that sweet health insurance plan.

The good news he Christopher doesn't go home empty handed. He has nearly half a million views and counting and doesn't have to make frappuccinos anymore.

Here is the video that got him in trouble...

and just for funz here is a little behind the scenes footage from The Early Show.  Gotta love that sloth-like friend!

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