Monday, September 19, 2011

UPS Texts You Before Delivering Package - CNN

As discussed on CNN last night - here is a techie approach to the frustration of those missed package deliveries!  I don't know about you but when I see when of those "sorry we missed you" slips on my door I want to scream.

Launching October 3rd UPS has announced the UPS My Choice service.  The day before your package will arrive UPS will text, email or call you with the 4 hour window the delivery will be made.  For a $5 fee you can have them reschedule at another time or send to someone else. 

They are also rolling out a premium service and for $40 a year you can choose your delivery window and leave instructions for delivery.  And for $5 more you can select a 2- hour window.

I spoke with UPS spokesperson Donna Longino and she noted:

“The timing for a service like UPS My Choice is particularly ripe because of the power of the individual consumer has grown. Residential deliveries have been on the rise as consumers buy more goods online and businesses send more goods direct to consumers.“

This is just in time for holiday season.  According to comScore the 2010 US online shopping season brought in $32.6 billion in online shopping a notable 12% increase since 2009.

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  1. As someone who worked for these guys,just make nice with your driver,get to know them and establish communication methods. Ask them what times they'll be in your neighborhood. You could also ask them to leave your package(s),they must leave them out of sight and out of weather anyway and/or you can discuss another place to leave it like your patio,behind this fence,under here etc. they just wont leave sensitive packages out like alcohol and tobacco or when an id is required for age verification reasons. If the packages needs a signature they could sign for you just ok it with them,but probably not for the previous mentioned reasons.



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