Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't Invade My Personal Bubble!

File this under, I just bought eight.  I am obsessed with my personal bubble and daily it is violated. Whether using a restroom with 9 bathrooms and someone goes in the stall right next to me or in a
parking lot where there is 100 empty spaces and someone pulls in right next to me--it drives me nuts! I just want to ask them, 'Seriously, what the heck were you thinking... if at all?"

Meet the Bubble Tree. Created by a French design and manufacturing company, and comes in two different models.  According to SpotCoolStuff:

Bubble Tree has two basic types of bubbles to choose from. The BubbleRoom has a translucent bottom half that provides bubble dwellers with a modicum of privacy. The CristalBubble is entirely see through. The floor of the CristalBubble is transparent too (if you don’t install the optional wood floor), so you can place one at a beach edge and watch waves lap beneath you.

It also has special air filters keepin the bad stuff out and runs of asilent electric turbine (ie a blower). Albeit a price tag of nearly $11,000, but hey, it clearly says stay out of my bizness.

Here for the full read from SpotCoolStuff.

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