Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Text Or Not To Text?

Communication overall has shifted to texting.  Phone calls are passé and quite honestly so is voicemail.

But the focus of this post is my interest in the shift of ‘business texting’.  In the early stages, we saw flight status updates from airlines notifying you if the plane was on-time or delayed (these updates actually still come faster than the boards at the airports).   But now, I receive texts from all different contacts, ie: my dentist or sometimes producers as a follow up or initial reach out.  At first I found it intrusive and odd – that’s a spot reserved for friends and family.  But then I realized, wait a second I love this!   The less communication I have to have with someone – cut me some slack I have a little IT in me – the better.

Between wall posts, twitter and texting, we are communicating with less.  And in some cases, I almost think it makes us communicate more. 

What are your thoughts?

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