Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fire up the randoms!

Miss your fix of rando gadgetry?  Fear not.  @teluric and I are back for more funz.

Turbine LED Watch
Brace yourself, its only a concept but it's still awesome.  Designer is Peter Fletcher.

Rubix Cube Earrings, $15

Currently in production, I actually think this is a great idea for $40 for runners or elderly.

Post-it Note Watch, $14
File under, why didn't I think of that?

DJ Scratch Turntable, $40
This officially geeked me out. 

BBQ Man Candle. $12

Super-Hero Caped Socks, $15
Also now available Ninja Turtle option, $25

Vintage Typewriter Tie, $30
Yay for cool, quality dude-wear!

Darth Vader Lego LED Torch Light, $30

Crazy Cat Lady Board Game, $17
Ive already purchased my sister the crazy cat lady figurine now this is a must.  

 Thanks to GeekSugar for this gem.  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?  This is creepy and weird.

And for funz....


  1. I usually put the post-it notes on my forehead to remember things...

  2. I love the TMNT socks! The DC socks look cool, but how well would the cape stay while being tossed around in the washer and dryer? Thanks for sharing!



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