Monday, November 28, 2011

Skin Your Tech - Deals for Cyber Monday

I've always thought ColorWare is a pretty amazing site.  It allows you to trick out your hardware (from headphones to iPhones to even a Segway) with custom colors.  It uses a highly specialized scratch resistant liquid plastic coating.  This coating is applied as a "final step in ColorWare’s proprietary coatings process."

Colorware DSi 

Colorware iPhone

But the site is way too expensive.  A custom colored iPhone alone is base price $1400.  Plus, you have to send in your model or order new.  This means wait times.  

The alternative?  Go the cheap route and use some of my fave sites to make a statement.  These sites are having sales for Cyber Monday.  With the travel around holidays or just the casual regular trips to the cafe or just work -- might as well add a little style to the devices you use most.

Gelaskins. 20% off everything.  Pros: You can design your own.

MacStyles.  40% off everything plus free shipping.  Pros: Can use accents to do minor decaling.

MacSlaps.  25% off entire catalog.  Pros: Nice transparent, clean look.

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