Saturday, December 17, 2011

Driving Life-sized Mario Kart! CNN

West Coast Customs "re-created two vehicles from Mario Kart 7: the classic Mario Standard Kart, complete with glider attachment for soaring through the air, and the Luigi Bumble V Kart, which resembles a bumblebee and features a rear propeller for underwater navigation." And… I had the amazing opportunity to have an exclusive look behind the scenes for CNN.

The West Coast Customs facility is truly unique, graffiti all over the walls and custom cars of all sorts being decked out all over the place, notably everything super clean and organized. It is definitely a well run operation. Must also note, the crazy projects they had going on (can’t talk about them!) with celebs and companies, were pretty sweet to see in itself.

WCC only had 30 days to complete the two Mario karts as commissioned by Nintendo for the LA Auto Show. It was interesting to learn that this was truly the most unique project they have ever taken on because they had nothing to go off except a cartoon. It was also fun to hear Ryan and the guys talk about the Karts. They lit up with excitement when they explained the process and their passion behind the creation. They played the Mario Kart games over the years and so did their kids. They also noted when the Karts were revealed at the LA Auto Show, they were well received by everyone… not just the young or just the old, which typically happens with a custom make.

Odd question, but I asked Kenny Pfitzer, Floor Manager, West Coast Customs, if they receive a ton of applications to work at WCC? The obvious answer, “ Yes” But naturally, they only take the best of the best!

The Bumble V had three speeds; High, Low and Reverse and can hit speeds up to 30mph. And as you can see I had a blast driving it down the open streets. Although, not gonna lie, I totally pulled an Austin Powers trying to back it out of the garage while everyone looked at me like I was an idiot.

Stay tuned!! 8-)

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