Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Live from CES! (My CNN picks!)

Live from CES! The showroom floor is a sea of fantastic gadgetry, and I came through to showcase some of my top picks on CNN. Here's a quick rundown for anyone who might've missed it.

And here is the segment!

Video Mic Flags, $600
There was a little buzz around Video Mic Flags when they were introduced in 2011, but I think they could be huge in 2012. They transform regular mics into ad space for marketers, allowing them to broadcast their logos, etc. The $600 price tag might sound a little steep, but the ad dollars made in return could be through the roof.

Behringer, $30,000
The world's most gargantuan iPhone dock in the world. 8 feet by 4 feet tall, it weighs over 700 lbs and pumps out over 10,000 watts of power. Enough said.

ACER Aspire S5 Ultrabook, Pricing not yet announced
Ultrabooks are stealing the stage at CES. Taking cues from the MacBook air, units in the category must meet specific criteria of thinness (less than 8 inches), lightness (less than 3.1lbs), battery life (5-8+ hours), etc. One of the slimmest models is 0.59 inches, which is less than the width of a dime.

Withings Baby Scale
Pricing not yet announced
Further enabling new parents to gush about their little ones, the Withings Baby Scale is a wi-fi enabled scale capable of Tweeting or Facebooking your baby's weight on the spot. The device can be customized for infants or toddlers, using a basket-like rig for the former and the platform of the scale itself for the latter.

Origami, $850
The Origami is the first power-folding stroller with a built-in generator. A short walk, the makers claim, is all you need to charge it, or it can be plugged into an outlet. Other features include daytime running lights, pathway lights for evening use and an on-screen LCD which allows you to see weather, mph and battery charge.

Wii U
The highly anticipated Wii U is Nintendo’s 6th home console, and the successor to the Wii. What makes the Wii U unique? Not only is it capable of producing 1080p HD graphics, but it also boasts a new touchscreen controller with a range of awesome capabilities. You can use the controller in conjunction with the TV, continue gameplay with the TV off and even make video calls.

Available early this year, $160
I've been excited for the Swivl for awhile now, after following its progress last year as a crowd-funded appcessory on IndieGoGo. Basically, it allows you to take dymanic (i.e., not horrible) video of yourself, by yourself, without the help of a camera operator. A marker sensor locks on and tracks you as you move, and the camera angle adjusts automatically. Should be a great asset for solo video bloggers and chatters who want to get a little production value without breaking the bank.

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  1. Lots of good stuff in here. What really got me is the Origami. That thing is insane! Good stuff.



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