Friday, February 24, 2012

More to Love - Gadget Round-Up

@Teluric is back for more wacky gadgetry!

Corkcicle, $24.95
Keep your wine chilled the quirky way.

iPhone Pepper Spray Case, $50

Pac-man Poncho, $8
Because a regular ponchos are stupid.

Maple Bacon Coffee, $13.99/lb

Civet Crap Choice Coffee, $34.99
Unique flavor is because it's been pooped out by a civet.  Yep, click for more.

Dark Knight Rises Mr Potato Head, $17.99

Musical Wine Glasses, $45 (for two)
Each line has a chord that can be played A to G.

Wine Hourglasses, $75 (set of 4)
Easy way to say "Really, I can only stay for a drink." Comes in variety of colors - lasts about 10 minutes.

Hello Kitty KISS Plushies, pricing TBD

"Like" Foam Finger, $11

And as always picz for fun!

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