Friday, March 30, 2012

Gadgets for Rich People

Got Mega Millions on the brain?  Check out my top gadgets for rich people...


  1. My wife bought tickets last night (though I shouldn't assume she wouldn't win and immediately dump me for a hunky Latin American soap opera star (pained smile)). Anyway, working for IBM, I obviously have a soft-spot for flying cars (remember the old WebSphere ad featuring Avery Brooks? (smile)), but a trip to space would be uber cool too, so... Flying car or trip to space. Flying car or trip to space. Flying car or...... ;-)

  2. Haha! Im personally waiting for the Martin Jetpack to hit the market. (last estimated price tag ~$100k) Though I would especially like to see it used for Defense and Special Ops too.

    1. Well, you're younger and braver than me (smile). I personally need something with a cup holder. Or, at the very least, a flight attendant dressed like Jane Jetson serving me complementary cocktails. ;-)



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