Saturday, March 24, 2012

Get Your Laser Portrait On

Please tell me you recall school pictures with the upgrade option of lasers? I was never able to get the lasers and thank goodness for that. Looking back it was equivalent to putting an animated gif in the background. That said, I enjoyed this site for a few laughs:

I've requested your laser portraits and wow, you have not let me down!  Favorites below.  Prizing is now closed, winners will be contacts, but still taking amaze pics for post!

Winner 1:  David DeSilva (regular talk nerdy contributor and Electronics Researcher for HSN) submitted this gem! He then followed it up with my favorite video of the year.  I think I cried laughing.

Winner 2: Dave Heinzinger just emailed me this winner. He shared this was taken circa 1990!

Winner 3: Wayne Brown via Facebook!

Winner 4: Carl Rozenek - Catholic school compadre. (I wanted this background so bad!)

Winner 5: Wes Cheney - Wes Cheney has thrown his super cute wife under the bus!

Winner 8: John Bruchhagen sends me a great pic via Facebook of his daughter!

And one additional random winner who didnt meet the guidelines but still wins for submitting a purely jacked up photo!

Winner 7: Dan Roser - circa 1979 ... what is this an obit pic?!

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