Sunday, March 11, 2012

iPad and Re-commerce - CNN

A new iPad model was announced this week, but for those who already owned one, the big question was– do I upgrade to the new model or do I keep what I have?  The world of re-commerce (trading in your old gadgets for money) is growing exponentially.  Many were flocking to sell their older iPads this week, in fact, during the first hour of the new iPad announcement, an iPad was being sold every 8 seconds on – the nation’s leader in re-commerce.  Here are some more deets as discussed on CNN.

With re-commerce, the earlier you trade in the better. “iPad prices in the secondary market are starting to drop more quickly as the market is being flooded by both 1st and 2nd generation models,” states Anthony Scarsella of iPad Trade-In Numbers

*iPad trade-ins were up 500% on rumors alone in late February
*Gazelle saw 140k iPad offers in last month (90k of those were just from after   announcement)
*Average price before announcement: $270
*Average price after announcement: $225

A huge bonus to trading in a used iPad early is that customers can get a 30 Day Lock-in guarantee.   So you wont go without your gadget while waiting for the new one.

Additional Re-commerce Sites to Consider:
eBay Instant Sale


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  1. interesting stuff katie. its amazing to see how people will sacrifice something that works just fine(as apples can ;)) just for the newest and best. maybe thats why orangutangs in canadian zoos are getting ipads... hmmm.

    in other nerds, er, i mean news...
    i would like to see the return numbers for street fighter x tekken... game was horrible.



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